Innovation Engineering for UNIVERSITIES

Thanks to the Innovation Engineering Institute (a collaboration between the Eureka! Ranch and the University of Maine), Innovation Engineering courses are ready-made for any university or faculty, regardless of their experience with innovation.

On college and university campuses we educate students on how Innovation Engineering will enable them to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in the new economy.  Or to get really blunt.  We explain how it will help them:  1) get a job, 2) get promoted and or 3) turn their ideas for a new business or social change into reality faster and with less risk. 

The Innovation Engineering courses enable the personal passion of students. A student graduating with a degree in History or English or Business, with a Minor in Innovation Engineering, or the Graduate Certificate has the skills and confidence to apply, activate and make a difference leveraging what they learned in their “major” field of study. 

Studying Innovation Engineering on or off campus does not make you an “engineer” as that is a title reserved for those who have passed the requirements set up by engineering trade associations for certification as a Professional Engineer.   However, it does teach key elements of the engineering mindset: curiosity, discipline, experimentation, problem solving and how to use writing and math to think deeper about challenges you face. 

The Innovation Engineering course set is made up of 6 courses that result in an undergraduate minor or graduate certificate. Some schools will offer the full set while others prefer to offer only the first course, Innovation Engineering Fundamentals.

The first course is an introduction to the foundational skills within Innovation Engineering, and is applicable to students at any grade level. Students may stop after this course and will be able to apply their skills to their field of study and their personal and/or professional life. Students have the opportunity to earn an Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification upon completion of 100% of the coursework.

The 5 advanced courses each focus on a particular skillset related to 1) creating ideas, 2) communicating ideas, 3) commercializing ideas, 4) leading innovation in a system driven way, and finally 5) making it all come to life with a semester long application project. Students who pursue the minor or graduate certificate will have achieved a confidence and capability to lead innovation in any organizational setting. Students have the opportunity to earn an Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification upon completion of 100% of the coursework.

Since we use a novel instructional method called Cycles to Mastery, we’ve been able to make the courses completely turnkey for faculty. The package of instructor support materials includes; digital lectures for students to watch, in-class activities which have been pre-programed into a digital submission platform, an instructor manual for facilitating class with grading standards and in-class coaching tips. In addition, each instructor is given one-on-one coaching support during their first semester teaching the content. Instructors tell us that they love being a hands on coach to their students using this approach the classroom.

 if you're interested in offering the Innovation Engineering curriculum at your school.