We enable innovation
through education, tools, and hands-on help.



We apply the system thinking of Dr. W. Edwards Deming to strategy, innovation and how we work together within our companies, non-profits, universities and communities. 

Education includes University and College courses as well as Executive and Employee education. 

Tools includes InnovationEngineeringLabs.com an artificial intelligence powered portal that enables innovators to accelerate their projects and easily apply the skills of innovation to real work.  

    Systems include methods for creating ideas, communicating ideas clearly and persuasively, commercializing ideas, and systems-driven leadership.  They are taught in our courses and made easy to implement using our tools.

    Projects include applying the education, tools, and systems to a very important business issue you have with the hands-on help of Innovation Engineering Black Belts. 


    What makes Innovation Engineering different is that it’s clear that the methods and tools taught are crafted by people who’ve actually done it. It’s clear, it’s documented, it’s reliable, it works.
    — Mike Sirois, Chief Innovation Office High Liner Foods


    #1 in the world.  

    The demand for a smarter and faster innovation system is so great that Innovation Engineering has taken off.  Here are the numbers:

    Thought Leading Companies that have contributed data and insights to the movement include:  Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Toyota Manufacturing, Lockheed Martin, Walt Disney, Nike, American Express, Ford Motor Company and tens of thousands of others. 

    • Innovations worth $15 billion in net marketplace value in active development.
    • Over 35,000 trained.
    • Over 50 Innovation Engineering Network partners - colleges, universities and consultancies. 
    Eureka! Ranch’s unconventional approach has won raves. (Eureka! Ranch methods are the foundation of Innovation Engineering)
    — CNN


    Transformed Innovation from a Random Gamble
    to a Reliable System.  

    The Innovation Engineering field of study transforms innovation into a real science.  It’s grounded in the world’s largest database of quantitative data on innovation - over 25,000 innovations, deep data on 6,000 teams, over $15 billion in innovations as they go from raw idea to reality.  

    Doug Hall (and the Innovation Engineering community) has the definitive innovation process. He is to innovation what Alexander Graham Bell was to telephones.
    — Ken Grier, Creative Director, The Macallan


    Invented & Validated a system that is 500%more effective than brainstorming.  

    The Stimulus Response® method makes it easy for anyone to create innovate solutions to their daily challenges and business problems. 

    This is a grueling, mind-melting, confidence-shaking experience for anyone who thinks she already knows how to innovate. Know-it-alls, be prepared to be humbled.
    — Tori Britton, Chief Creative Officer, Webster Atlantic Corporation

    The first complete system THAT drives A 72% increase in net innovation value.

    Unlike others that are front end driven, Innovation Engineering goes all the way to reality. The result is ideas grow in value all through development instead of declining. (Leading organizations cite "normal" development systems make innovation values decrease 50% or more.)

    A rigorous, quantifiable process for inventing breakthrough ideas. Unlike many creative gurus in the corporate marketplace, [this] innovation system is quantified every step of the way.
    — Todd Datz, Features Editor, CIO Magazine


    Invented & Validated an idea decision system that is 7X smarter than humans.  

    Merwyn Truth Teller® research provides data grounded principles for improving odds of success plus a quantitative assessment that tells you the true odds of success. 

    [It] has brought much needed discipline to our concept development.  They greatly enhance our probability of developing highly successful new products.  Using Merwyn makes it feel as if we are cheating!
    — John Whitaker, Director of Market Research, Tropicana Products


    Validated - Increased innovation speed (up to 6x) and decreased risk (up to 10X success). 

    Step change improvement in innovation metrics is a result of transitioning from a ‘guru” model for innovation to enabling innovation by everyone through applying System Driven Innovation® principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

    [It’s] great contribution to creativity, if I had to limit it to one, was that creativity is a process, a process that can be managed and a process that can be optimized.
    — The Oxford Handbook of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


    Validated as "Breakout Innovation System” by Stanford.    

    A team of Stanford researchers found that most “innovation methods” don’t actually result in innovative solutions.  Most simply result in “innovation as usual.”    They found that Innovation Engineering went beyond “Innovation-as-Usual” to true Breakout Innovation - out performing even IDEO.

    This is an essential toolkit of materials and skills for anyone who is really serious about growing their business through Innovation.The content and its presentation was sparkling.
    I would recommend this course wholeheartedly as the best business investment you can make irrespective of what business you are in.
    — Aida Grier - UHI Care Manager

    This is what our country needs: an innovation shot in the arm - explained in a concise, logical manner with data to back up the claims.
    — John McCarvill, IMC Consulting

    The World's first validated metrics system for Innovation.

    Modeling innovation metrics can be tricky because there are so many unknowns.  Innovation Engineering metrics actually incorporate that variation to create models so predictive Jim Filliben of the National Institute of Standards and Technology presented a paper validating the approach.  



    The World's First 5 Year Financial Forecast for Innovation.

    Using a blend of Fourt Woodlock and Bass Diffusion models, the 5 Year Life Cycle model can predict sales over 5 years and the impact of diffusion on word-of-mouth.

    I know each banker is looking for that product, service or feeling that will make us unique to our customers and different from our competitors.  If you believe you need the tools and methods to develop your own uniqueness, I wholeheartedly recommend Innovation Engineering.
    — Gregory A. Dufour President & CEO Camden National Bank

    The World's First application of "plan, do, study, act" into innovation project management.

    Deming's Plan, Do, Study, Act method for never-ending improvement goes beyond principle.  The Innovation Engineering Labs Project Management tool makes "PDSA" a built in part of the work process, ensuring that learning & documentation are natural parts of every innovation project.

    It provides a structure and specific tools to enable any team to become more innovative. There’s no magic, but rather an approach that will stimulate participants to take action.
    — Peter Greene, Senior VP, Technology & Operations, Camden National Bank

    Invented & Validated a teaching system that is 200 to 400% more effective with adults. 

    Patent pending  Cycles to Mastery® enables everyone who is willing to achieve mastery. 

    It was the single most important learning opportunity in my professional career.
    — Garth Cormier, Chief Operating Officer

    Students say...

    This is the best thing that ever happened to any college.
    I’ve always struggled with regular lectures and I am always wondering if I’m really learning, but with this I feel like I am actually learning and actually building skills.
    Compared to old classes, here you are learning a new way to think, not just the content. Working on changing the mind instead of cramming it with information.