Music & Lyrics by Donnalou Steven

Everybody’s Got Wings

A voice unspoken is a voice unheard
A song not sung deserves your words.
A vision unseen might pass you by.
and Wings won’t grow till you choose to fly.

Everybody's Got Wings. Everybody can fly.
Everybody's got a song to sing inside.
Everybody can dance, if given a chance.
Everybody's got a gift to bring.
Everybody's got wings.

A past forgotten is freedom’s friend
Can you let your self be born again
and can you give your dreams your new found wings
and let the world hear your voice ring


lada die die die, spread your wings and fly
lada die die die, and fly

Together we’ll fly across the sky
bringing light to the darkest night
We’ll fly to the moon and then beyond
and the dreams we’ve dreamed will carry on.